Inspire Adventure: All-New SANTA FE lauded for outstanding performance, comfort and features

Hyundai Motor Company’s all-new SANTA FE is a rugged yet refined large SUV that seamlessly integrates the demands of family life with the desire for adventure.

When Hyundai Motor set out to develop the new model, it surveyed young adults about their vehicle needs and lifestyles and uncovered high interest in outdoor activities. Millennials in particular spend more time outside and more money on outdoor products than the average outdoor lifestyle consumer.

According to the Outdoor Industry Association[1], participation in outdoor activities grew to a record 168.1 million individuals, or 55 percent of the U.S. population in 2022. Meanwhile, Europe is seeing similar growth, with the number of outdoor participants expected to top 223 million users by 2027[2]. In South Korea, the interest in outdoor lifestyles is exemplified by the popularity of ‘Chabak’ (car camping), with registrations for caravans seeing a fourfold increase between 2015 and 2020[3].

Such insights became the basis for the all-new SANTA FE’s ‘Open for More’ concept to connect the inside with the outside, expanding consumers’ everyday experiences. 


‘Open for More’ living space with premium comfort and convenience features

The all-new SANTA FE accommodates outdoor pursuits by offering a class-leading, terrace-like living space at the rear made possible by its extended wheelbase and enlarged tailgate opening. This longer wheelbase also facilitates enhanced third-row seating, ensuring a comfortable ride.

The fifth-generation model is packed with premium comfort and convenience features, several of which are either the world’s first, first-in-class, or class-leading.

One standout feature is the First-row Relaxation Seat with Leg Rest, which allows occupants to recline in a comfortable position, creating an almost weightless feeling for passengers. This innovation sets a new standard for in-cabin comfort.

In the six-seat variant, the second-row features power-reclining independent seats with armrests, providing rear passengers with a level of convenience and comfort that is unparalleled in its class. Further enhancing rear-seat comfort, the second-row power fold-and-dive seats include a cushion-angle adjustment, a world-first feature that allows passengers to create a relaxation mode tailored to their preferences.

The 6.6-inch climate control display simplifies the process of adjusting heating and cooling settings, ensuring a more intuitive experience for users.

Hyundai Motor introduces the world's first Bilateral Multi-Console storage space, accessible to both front and rear passengers. This innovative design ensures that everyone in the vehicle can conveniently access their belongings.

The inclusion of a Digital Centre Mirror is a game-changer for driver visibility and safety. It not only provides a clear view of what's happening behind the vehicle but also enhances night-time visibility, with a brighter image.

Hyundai Motor has embraced the latest in charging technology with a high-speed, dual wireless charging system for smartphones, along with USB C ports capable of delivering up to 27W of power.

For added peace of mind, the UV-C Sterilisation Tray, located on top of the passenger glove compartment, allows for easy sterilisation of frequently used items, such as cell phones and wallets, promoting cleanliness and hygiene within the vehicle.

Hyundai Motor continues to innovate with over-the-air (OTA) updates that ensure vehicle systems are always up to date. These updates can be performed wirelessly, eliminating the need for a visit to a Hyundai service centre.

Lastly, the radar-based Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) serves as a crucial safety feature by reminding the driver of rear occupants after the ignition is turned off, reducing the risk of accidents or oversights.


Driving assistance and safety features ensure a comfortable and confident experience

The all-new SANTA FE comes fully equipped with a wide array of driving aids and safety functions that minimise user intervention while ensuring a comfortable and confident driving experience, whether it's for daily commutes or weekend getaways.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2 can provide a warning and emergency braking if the preceding vehicle suddenly slows down or if a forward collision risk is detected. Lane Following Assist 2 uses a windshield-mounted camera to help recognise vehicle position drifting and helps provide slight steering inputs to return the vehicle back to the centre of its lane.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW) analyses the driver’s attention and can provide warnings to boost attentiveness at the wheel. Driver Monitoring System (DMS), Hyundai Motor’s first in North America, analyses a driver’s vital signs to help ensure safe driving.

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control 2 helps maintain a safe speed while taking curves on the main section of a motorway. Highway Driving Assist 2 helps maintain a set speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. It also assists with lane changes while driving on the main section of a motorway and helps centre the vehicle in its lane while driving.

Other driver assistance and safety features include: Intelligent Speed Limit Assist, Rear View Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, Front/Rear Parking Distance Warning, Surround View Monitor, Remote Smart Parking Assist and Safe Exit Assist.


Plenty of fuel-efficient power for daily driving and outdoor adventures

In Korea and North America, the all-new SANTA FE will be available with two powertrain options:

  •        2.5 L turbocharged engine with maximum output of 281 PS / 207 kW and maximum torque of 43.0 kgf·m / 422 Nm
  •        1.6 L turbocharged Hybrid with maximum output of 180 PS / 132 kW and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m / 265 Nm


In Europe, the all-new SANTA FE will be available with two powertrain options:

  •       1.6 L turbocharged Hybrid with maximum output of 180 PS / 132 kW and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m / 265 Nm
  •       1.6 L turbocharged Plug-in Hybrid with maximum output of 160 PS / 118 kW and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m / 265 Nm

In other regions, the all-new SANTA FE will also be available with a 2.5 L gasoline engine, with a maximum output of 194 PS / 143 kW and maximum torque of 25.1 kgf·m / 246 Nm[1].

All-new interior offers class-leading comfort and cargo capacity

The SANTA FE’s new interior complements the exterior design language, focusing on both horizontal and vertical elements to complete the overall aesthetic. Notably, an H-shaped design graces the dashboard and air vents, creating a feeling of spaciousness and a distinctive appearance.

Its first-in-class Panoramic Curved Display encompasses the 12.3-inch digital cluster and infotainment system. This not only enhances visibility for the driver but also adds a touch of luxury to the overall ambiance.

The new model provides class-leading cargo capacity and a spacious tailgate opening[2], which is great for urban lifestyles and impresses in outdoor use, offering plenty of room for everything from sports equipment to camping gear. The new model maximises outdoor functionality with its Hidden-type Assist Handle, located in the C-pillar, for improved roof access.

For the all-new SANTA FE, Hyundai prioritised living space by increasing the second- and third-row legroom. The SUV offers best-in-class third-row comfort (with third-row recline) and headroom improvements in response to customer feedback.

The petrol-powered SANTA FE’s second-row legroom length has increased by 35 mm, to 1,075 mm. The hybrid’s second-row legroom length has increased by 20 mm, to 1,055 mm. The third-row legroom length has increased by 15 mm, to 761 mm.

The SUV offers best-in-class third-row headroom, increased by 69 mm, to 958 mm. The third-row seating height has increased by 30 mm, to 282 mm[3]. The third-row seating reclines 10 degrees, an increase over the previous generation.

The all-new SANTA FE is scheduled for release in Korea in the second half of this year and in North America/Europe in the first half of next year.



All-new SANTA FE


Theta III 2.5 GDI (8AT)

Maximum engine output of 194 PS / 143 kW

and maximum torque of 25.1 kgf·m / 246 Nm

Theta III 2.5T GDI (8DCT)

Maximum engine output of 281 PS / 207 kW

and maximum torque of 43.0 kgf·m / 422 Nm

Gamma III 1.6T GDI HEV (6AT)

Maximum engine output of 180 PS / 132 kW

and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m / 265 Nm

Gamma III 1.6T GDI PHEV (6AT)

Maximum engine output of 160 PS / 118 kW

and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m / 265 Nm4



4,830 mm


1,900 mm


Roof 1,720 mm / Roof rack 1,770 mm

Roof 1,730 mm / Roof rack 1,780 mm (Calligraphy Trim)


2,815 mm


(Normal / sunroof)


1,045 /1,020 mm

2nd row

1,030 / 1,007 mm

3rd row

958 mm

Leg Room


1,052 mm

2nd row

1,075 mm

3rd row

761 mm

Shoulder room


1,511 mm

2nd row

1,475 mm

3rd row

1,360 mm

Cargo capacity / tailgate opening width

1,148 L[4] / 1,275 mm
(+120 L / +145 mm compared with previous SANTA FE model)


235/60R 18, 255/45R 20, 245/45R 21


2.5 GDI

2.5 T-GDI



Weight (kg)





0 - 100 km/h (sec)





Top speed (kph)


210 (F/C)




235/60R 18, 255/45R 20, 245/45R 21

NOTE: Vehicle specifications and features may vary depending on country/region and are subject to change without notice.

[1] 2023 Outdoor Participation Trends Report



[4]  Maximum engine output and torque specifications may vary depending on country/region

[5]  Cargo capacity/opening width: 1,148 L / 1,275 mm (+120 L / +145 mm over than previous SANTA FE model)

[6] All compared to previous SANTA FE model